February 27, 2012

Work Day 13

Date Worked02/26/12
Workers Present8
Time Worked3
Manhours Spent24
Distance Completed150 yards
Total Trail Distance1159
Total Manhours Spent153 hours

Sunny, 50 degrees and 8 mountain bikers makes for a great day of trail work. We managed to complete 150 yards of trail and cleared 5-6 trees in our path. Thing are really moving along and with volunteers showing up like today we are making great ground. Roll call for the day looked like this:

Chris R, Dennis B, William B, Joey A, Ron S (Grand Master), Rick S (Pooh Bear), Josh W and Alan D. Big shout out for all the help!!!!!

Although we are making great progress we are running out of time as the Logan race is only 51 days away and the race season is right around the corner. We are now in planning mode to determine the best approach to finishing the trail for the year. Since we are pretty sure we can't quite make it to the Museum as originally planned we will be looking for a good place to make an "out" to come off the mountain and render the trail ridable without it having to be an out and back only. Keep your fingers crossed for a good location for the bail out.

Big Trees Before
Big Trees After


Now for a little something not related to trail work.............I picked up my new ride on Saturday, 2011 Trek Superfly, makes me faster just looking at it!!

February 22, 2012

Work Day 12

Date Worked02/19/12
Workers Present3
Time Worked2.5
Manhours Spent7.5
Distance Completed100 yards
Total Trail Distance1009 yards
Total Manhours Spent129 hours

With the threat of snow Sunday morning I though we would see a little white on the ground but I was wrong. With the temperature hovering around 40 degrees all morning the snow held off till that evening. With a crew of 3 we managed a great distance. We benched a short section near the BIG downed tree from last week and then cleared a 75 yard flat that basically just needed raked and a little smoothing. We skipped the tree cutting, planning that for the next work day. We are now in the hollow directly behind the second shelter and making great progress toward the museum.

This Sunday will be a difficult workday with multiple trees to cut and the entire trail will need benched. We hope to see everyone out to help.


Beginning of Flat
Middle of Flat
End of Flat

February 16, 2012

Work Day 11

Date Worked 02/12/12
Weather: Clear
Temperature: 22
Workers Present: 5
Time Worked: 3 hours
Manhours Spent: 15 hours
Distance Completed: 100 yards
Total Trail Distance: 909 yards
Total Manhours Spent: 121.5 hours

Not much time to write today, so I will make it quick.

It was cold, difficult digging, lots of roots, still made good progress. Next time we have a BIG tree to cut, big flat to clear, looking to clear 100+ yards.............hope to see you there.




February 8, 2012

Work Day 10

Date Worked 02/05/12
Weather: Rain
Temperature: 45
Workers Present: 3
Time Worked: 1.5 hours
Manhours Spent: 4.5 hours
Distance Completed: 65 yards
Total Trail Distance: 808 yards
Total Manhours Spent: 106.5 hours

3 is the loneliest number that I've ever seen........just imagine a musical tune and you'll get the idea.

3 worker present, rain and difficult digging leave me a little less than excited about our day. What we got completed looks really good, just not that much of it. The good news.........we scouted ahead a little and found a 100+ yard flat right around the corner. If we have a good turn out Sunday we might get thru the next section and clear the flat.......sounds good to me. Hope to see you soon for another work day.



February 1, 2012

Work Day 9

Date Worked: 01/29/12
Weather: Clear
Temperature: 38
Workers Present: 6
Time Worked: 2.5
Manhours Spent: 15
Distance Completed: 108
Total Trail Distance: 743
Total Manhours Spent: 102

I know I keep saying it...............but another great day of trail work. All the help we are getting and the weather we are having is making this year a great success for the build, hope it continues.

We had another first timer for the year show up this past Sunday to lend a hand. The man, the myth the legend.....POOH-BEAR, Rick S. was out for a hard days work. It always fun when he's around.

POOH-BEAR hard at work
The day yielded about 100 yards of fresh cut trail through a valley and starting back toward the next point. We had about 25-30 yard of flat that we took advantage of without having to bench, now we are faced with a long bench to the point. If we keep hitting flats each workday and manage to complete 100 yards plus each work day we might make our goal.